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Dr. Ramon Rios Torres

"“You must always push the limits, because if you never fail, you will never succeed” “Do. Or do not. There is no try”"

Ramon Rios was born in 1974 in Barcelona. In 1996 he got his Bachelor Degree from University of Barcelona. In 2000 he obtained his PhD degree under the supervisión of Prof. Albert Moyano working in the study of the Pauson Khand reaction with electron deficient enynes. After several postdoc and research stages with Prof. Greg C. Fu (MIT, BOSTON, 1999), Prof. Patrick Walsh (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 2001), Prof. Benjamin List (Max Plank, Muelheim an der Ruhr, 2004-2006), Prof. Armando Córdova (University of Stockholm, Stockholm, 2006-2007) and Prof. Jose Mª Alvarez-Pez (University of Granada, Granada, 2007); and an industrial experience (J.C. Uriach S. A., Barcelona, 2002-2004). He was awarded with an ICREA Junior Academia in 2008. He began his independent career as a ICREA Researcher in 2008 in University of Barcelona. In august 2012 he became Reader in Organic Chemistry in the University of Southampton. He have been visiting Professor in Nagoya Institute of Technology (Japan) and Sungkyunkwan (SKKU) University (South Korea). He is author more than 110 papers, 15 chapters in chemical books, and 1 patent. He has edited a book about the Pauson-Khand reaction, and one about organocatalysis. In total he has more than 4800 citations and Idh = 41. He was also editor of Asymmetric Organocatalysis (Ed. Versitas) and is actually editor of Scientific Reports

His research interests are the development of new asymmetric methodologies based in Organocatalysis and/or Organometallic Chemistry.


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